Introduction to Permanent Japan Residence [5]

4. Highly Skilled Professional (HSP)

Do you have a Highly Skilled Professional (HSP) visa? Even if you don’t have HSP visas yet, you may get a Permanent Residence visa as soon as possible. A vital point is your HSP points.

First, calculate your HSP points with a Point Calculation Table below. The Table consists of 3 categories of activity: Advanced Academic Research (HSPa), Advanced Specialized/Technical Activity (HSPb), and Advanced Business Management (HSPc).

Advanced Academic Research (HSPa) here

Advanced Specialized/Technical Activity (HSPb)/strong>  here

Advanced Business Management (HSPc)  here

Eligibility for Your Staying Period in Japan

In principle, the person must keep staying in Japan for more than 10 consecutive years to get a permanent visa (status of residence).

Something really remarkably, 80-and-over point holders need only one consecutive year to stay in Japan if they had the same points and over a year ago.

On the other hand, 70-or-more to 79 point holders need to stay in Japan for 3 consecutive years if they had the same range of points 3 years ago. It’s great benefits to HSPs.

We repeat that you can submit a Permanent visa application whether you have a High Skilled Professional (HSP) visa or not if your HSP points are 70/80 and over.

Let’s take immediate action on a Permanent visa application.

Next, you will be able to confirm the checklist of forms and necessary documents.



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