Graduate School for Ninja Starts

Mie University Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (Master’s Course) starts an academic Ninja research  program for the first time on February 2018 exam.

Mie University is located near the Iga city, the home of Ninja, being centered as an academic Ninja research in Japan.
Its Area Studies Program is divided into (i) a Society and Culture Major, subsuming the disciplines of history, philosophy, geography, topography, cultural anthropology, sociology, social psychology and library information studies; and (ii) a Language and Literature Major. On completion of the selected course, students are awarded the degree of MA in Humanities.

Mance Thompson, the world’s foremost Japanese ninja movie researcher, traveled to the birthplace of Ninja in Iga Ueno to give a presentation on Japanese ninja movies at the request of the University of Mie.


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