Japan’s New Startup Visa after April 2018

Japan’s New One-Year Startup Visa (Status of Residence) will be soon granted nationwide.

Now, only in Tokyo and Fukuoka Prefecture, foreign startup founders can reside for 6 months to make the necessary preparations for getting business manager visas (BMVs).

Normally foreign nationals wishing to launch business in Japan have to obtain directly BMVs. BMVs require an office, at least two full-time employees, a capital of over 5 million yen ($44,385) , etc. Getting BMVs is very difficult for foreigners.

On the other hand, holders of new startup visas will be allowed to reside anywhere in the local govenment concerned for one year for their business preparations.

First, foreign entrepreneurs submit their resume, passport, residence and secure funding during their stays, and business plans, to the local government concerned. Business plans require business contents, offices, definite business activity plans, funds, nominating executives, etc.

The local govenment screens them and publishes a certificate of confirming business startup activities. A certificate holder applies for startup visas to Immigration Bureau.

Japan’s New Startup Visas will start after April 2018.


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