Introduction to Permanent Japan Residence [2]+

Quick view of the Application Process 

Japan’s permission for permanent visa (status of residence) is on the assumption that a foreign national wishes to keep living in Japan on a permanent basis with an unlimited period of stay. So, the permission is mainly for foreign nationals who want to change their status of residence. That means foreigners without their status of residence are not petitioners.

Getting a permanent visa for Immediate Relatives is a two-step process: gathering necessary documents and submitting the permanent visa application.

Necessary documents consist of certificates to prove the relation with your spouse or child, a certificate of whole family’s residence, and occupation and income of yourself or your supporter.

In case of application, applicants themselves should appear in person to the Immigration Bureau where they live. But, the following person can submit the permanent visa instead of you: a relative of the applicant who lives together with in Japan and is considered properly by the Immigration Bureau, a visa immigration lawyer (administrative scrivener) and an attorney at law both registered by the Immigration Bureau.

Checklist of Forms and Necessary Documents.

You will need to assemble the following:


□ Form 34: Application for Permanent Residence (in Japanese)

□ One photograph: 40mm long and 30mm broad, taken within 3 months before, clear front face without a hat, white/blue background, your name on the back side, and attach to Form 34

□ Form Guarantee: with guarantor’s signature or seal


□ If you are applying as a spouse of a Japanese national, one copy of your spouse’s family register 戸籍(こせき)謄本(とうほん)(全部(ぜんぶ)事項(じこう)証明書(しょうめいしょ))

□ If you are a child of a Japanese national, one copy of your Japanese parent’s family register 戸籍(こせき)謄本(とうほん)(全部(ぜんぶ)事項(じこう)証明書(しょうめいしょ))

□ If you are a spouse of a Permanent Resident, one marriage certificate with your spouse (Japanese translation needed)

□ One residence certificate including you and your whole family living together 世帯(せたい)全員(ぜんいん)の住民票(じゅうみんひょう)

□ You or your supporter’s job certificate:

If you are an employee, one employment certificate from your company.

If you are a self-employed person, one copy of final tax returns from tax office and one copy of business license certificate when needed.

□ You or your supporter’s residence tax certificates: one taxation certificate 課税(かぜい)証明書(しょうめいしょ) and one tax payment certificate 納税(のうぜい)証明書(しょうめいしょ) for the latest one year from a city/ward office.

□ One photocopy of your passport and passport itself

□ One photocopy of your Residence Card and Residence Card itself

□ Guarantor’s job certificate (refer to ” You or your supporter’s job certificate” above

□ Guarantor’s income certificate 所得(しょとく)証明書(しょうめいしょ)from a city/ward office

□ Guarntor’s residence certificate

(Note) All certificates are within 3 months before.


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